PSGB&I Agenda Thursday

Crown Plaza, Sheffield Thursday, 30th November 2023

08:30 –9:00



0850 –0900   Welcome and Introduction Prof Andrew Hopper
    Session 1 Pancreatic Cancer Patient Focus
Chairs Mr Andrew Smith & Ms OonaghGriffin

0900 –0920


UK-EDI: Detecting pancreatic cancer in patients with diabetes Prof Eithne Costello

0920 - 0940


A UK wide Optimal Care Pathway for pancreatic cancer Dr Georgia Papacleovoulou

0940 – 0955


PANCARER The impact of pancreatic cancer diagnosis and
treatment on caregivers of patients Mr Sanjay Pandanaboyana

0955 – 1015


The National HPB Nursing Group: The Clinical Nurse Specialist Role In Pancreatic Cancer - Celebrating evolution, autonomy and collaboration Phil Whelan, Nurse Consultant.  

1015 – 1030   A personal Journey: A first hand Patient Experience. 
10.30 - 11.00        Coffee
    Session 2 Pancreatic Cancer Meeting Challenges in Treatments Chairs Mr Glen Irving & Dr Naomi Hersey



Obstructive Jaundice treatment: Any tool for any Job? Dr Martin James

11.20 - 11:30


MDT Debate; What do I bring to the table. Mr Glen Irving, Dr Naomi Hersey & Dr Martin James



The current and future non-surgical oncology options of
Pancreatic Cancer – a UK perspective Dr Ganesh Radnakrishna

1150 – 1210   Peri operative nutrition in pancreatic cancer surgery Dr James Halle-Smith 
1210 - 1230   The challenges of pancreatic surgery in the neoadjuvant era  Mr Euan Dickinson 


13.00-13.30   Poster Round Dr Vikram Mitra & Prof Chris Halloran

Session 3 Pancreatic Cancer Team Approach from Bench to bedside                Chairs Mr Benjamin Huntley & Prof Bill Greenhalf

1340 – 1400  

State of the Art Lecture: Identification of phenotypes following neoadjuvant chemotherapy a pathway for new therapies for PDAC Dr Peter Bailey

1400 – 1415


EUS Guided Radio Frequency Ablation of tumours: where are we at? Dr Sudarshan Kadri 

1415 – 1430


The future landscape of pancreatic cancer imaging – PACT-UK, NCITA biobank and Al   Mr John Moir

1430 – 1445


 Post operative pancreatic fistula improving outcomes  Prof Keith Roberts

1445 - 1500   Setting the Standard: The National Pancreatic Cancer Audit Mr Andrew Smith


  Afternoon Tea

Session 4 Lord Smith Medal Abstract Presentations: Session 1 Chairs Mr Ahmed Al-Mukhtar & Dr Mary Phillips

1530 – 1630


Lord Smith Medal Abstract Presentations: Session 1

1. 15:30 The value of PET/CT for predicting neoadjuvant therapy response and survival in borderline resectable and locally-advanced PDAC: analysis of the largest UK study population Yazan Khaled, Leeds Institute of Medical Research.

2. 15:40  Illuminating pancreatic cancer therapy: novel fluorescent nanoparticle for precision surgery Yazan Khaled, Leeds Institute of Medical Research.

3. 15:50 Multiomic spatial modelling of pancreatic IPMN reveals distinct immune cell distribution: mapping the transcriptomic landscape via regional bulk, single-cell and subcellular approaches. Andrew Cameron Glasgow Royal Infirmary / University of Glasgow

4. 16:00 Invasive intraductal oncocytic papillary neoplasms (IOPN) and adenocarcinomas arising from Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms (IPMN): adjuvant chemotherapy, patterns of recurrence and survival. James Lucocq NHS Lothian

5. 16:10 Risk of recurrence after surgical resection for adenocarcinoma arising from intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasia (IPMN) with patterns of distribution and treatment James Lucocq NHS Lothian 

6. 16:20 Targeting the host in Pancreatic Cancer: A Novel Combination Therapeutic from Bench to Bedside Keaton Jones University of Oxford  

    Session 5 Chronic Pancreatic Disease Update

1630 - 1645 


Pain Control in Chronic Pancreatitis Dr Bhavesh Raithatha

1645 – 1700 


Focus on Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency – PERT: When Who and How Much             Ms Rachel Caddy

1700 – 1715


Diagnostic testing for PEI: The metabolomic response Dr Sarah Powell-Brett

1715 - 1730   

Close of day 1 Prof Andrew Hopper




19.00   Drinks reception and Gala Dinner



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