Nutrition Interest Group

Nutrition Interest Group

The Nutrition Interest Group of the Pancreas Society of Great Britain and Ireland (PSGBI) is a group of dietitians working in pancreatic disease. The Nutrition Interest Group was established in 2008 at the annual meeting. The mission of the Nutrition Interest Group is to promote the role of evidence-based nutrition in pancreatic disease, to encourage high quality nutritional research and audit, to develop and support collaboration between dietitians throughout the UK and Ireland, and to encourage the development and sharing of nutritional resources and guidelines.


The Nutrition Interest Group will provide a network for dietitians engaged in research or clinical practice with patients with pancreatic disease. Activities of the group may include the development or sharing of resources, the development of standards and guidelines, and providing a forum for discussion and communication on nutritional matters in pancreatic disease.

The Nutrition Interest Group will aim to organise a nutrition symposium to coincide with the annual PSGBI meeting. Speakers at the nutrition symposium may include Nutrition Interest Group members, and invited medical/surgical/research experts. Dietitians, nursing, allied health and medics will be invited to attend the annual nutrition symposium.
A members-only dietitian meeting may precede the nutrition symposium to discuss issues relating to membership, council, educational topics, case presentation, resource development and research.

The Nutrition Interest Group will at all times aim to promote evidence-based nutrition within the PSGBI, by participating in the main pancreatic meeting. This may include invited presentations, poster and oral presentations, and the dissemination of guidelines or resources.
The Nutrition Interest Group will be available to the wider PSGBI as an expert resource on nutrition in pancreatic disease.
Council membership will include a chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary and membership secretary.