PSGB&I Agenda Friday

Crown Plaza, Sheffield Friday, 1st December 2023


08:30– 9:00




Session 1 Research Chairs: Mr Sanjay Pandanaboyana Dr Vikram Mitra

0900 – 0945


 Lord Smith Medal Abstract Presentations: Session 2

1. 09:00 Adjuvant chemotherapy following surgery for adenocarcinoma arising from intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasia and impact on recurrence and survival: ADENO-IPMN study James Lucocq NHS Lothian

2.  09:10  Dissecting differences between diabetogenic-pancreatic cancer and non-diabetogenic pancreatic cancer Martyn Stott University of Liverpool 

3. 09:20 A Multicentre prospective evaluation of Patient Related Outcome Measures (PROMS) and Health Related Quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with resectable pancreatic and peripancreatic cancer (PROMCAN study) James Lucocq NHS Lothian

4. 09:30 Evaluating Continuous Glucose Monitoring use post-Total Pancreatectomy: A Scoping systematic Review Ayat Bashir Newcastle

0945 – 1000


Pump priming Grant Award Study Presentations Mr Sanjay Pandanaboyana

1000 – 1015 


 Pancreatic Cancer UK Research Strategy Dr Chris Macdonald

1015 – 1030


Pancreatitis research – The Questions that we need answers for!  Helen West  Public Patient  Involvement & Engagement Officer, Guts UK

10.30 - 11.00        Coffee
    Session 2 Acute Pancreatitis Chairs Mr Mark Peterson & Mr Chris Briggs



 PAINAP project: collaborative studies on pain Mr Sanjay Pandanaboyana

11.15 - 11:30


 Endoscopic management of Pancreatic Fluid collections Dr Manu Mayar



Procap: Procalcitonin in Acute pancreatitis Prof Ajith Siriwardena

1145 – 1200     Biomarkers in Acute Pancreatitis & Update on RAPID-I Prof Robert Sutton 
1200 – 1230    State of the Art Lecture: The Fatty Pancreas Problem Prof Miroslav Vujasinovic 


    Session 3 MDT anomalies and Journal Round up Chairs Mr Nehal Shah & Ms Maria Bellamy
13:30- 13:50  

Personalising treatment for PNET – remove, medicine or leave Dr Alia Munir 

13.50- 14:10


PEI in NET – Overlooked and under treated Dr Lewis Hall 

14.10 - 14.30


Auto Immune Pancreatitis – Pitfalls and best practice Dr John Leeds 




14:30 -15:00

  Afternoon Tea
    Session 4 Annual General Meeting
15.00-15.30   AGM & Winners of Abstract/Grants
15.30   Close of meeting



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