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Data will be collected and stored online through a secure online server running the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) web application. Collaborators will be given secure REDCap login details, allowing secure data storage on the system.

No patient identifiable information is to be stored on REDCap.

Collaborators are encouraged to upload data straight into REDCap via computer or smart phone application; however, we recognise that some may wish to first record data on a paper version of the data collection pro-forma. Paper copies of any data should be destroyed as confidential waste within the centre once uploaded to REDCap.

Sites will be required to keep a record of REDCap numbers on a local NHS computer as a password-protected spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel). This should never be printed.

A copy of this spread-sheet should kept for 2 years after data collection is complete – and it is the Local Consultant’s responsibility to be the custodian of this spread-sheet. We will be unable to include your site data in the study without this.

REDcap user guide (still to be added)

REDcap Registration Form