Local Team Roles


Local Lead Consultant

The Local Consultant  will be responsible for:

  • Being the named consultant for any local registration processes
  • Being a permanent point of contact for the audit
  • Defining roles of individuals within the team locally
  • Supporting the local lead and data collection team in any administrative hurdles they may
  • encounter.
  • Disseminating outcomes of the audit locally.


Local Lead Trainee

The Local Lead will be responsible for:

  • Recruiting and managing local data collection team
  • Data collection completeness as supported by study data validation process
  • Custodian of the Unit-specific REDCap login
  • Local CONTACT audit registration in keeping with local procedure

Data Collection Team Members

Each unit will need a team of up to 6 members to collect the data, There are no specific requirements as to role and can be doctors of any level, clinical nurse specialists, MDT coordinators etc. Larger centres can have additional members at request.

The Data Collection Team will be responsible for ensuring complete patient recruitment and upload of >95% data points to REDCap for each patient.

All collaborators will be acknowledged according to their input to the study.