Audit Registration

Audit Registration Guide


All sites must register CONTACT with their local governance team as an audit before data collection can commence on REDCap.

The following information (also contained in the protocol) will assist with registration:

Study type:

Audit (see HRA decision tool in the protocol appendix)

Audit standards:

For the Pre-pandemic cohort the ‘Pancreatic cancer in adults: diagnosis and management: NICE Guideline [NG85]’ will be used

For the pandemic cohort the ‘CONSENSUS STATEMENT: Considerations for the treatment of pancreatic cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic: the UK consensus position’.

We will analyse the data against these standards, and also one cohort against the other.

Further details of the audit standards can be found in the protocol.


Identifiable information:

No identifiable patient information will be shared beyond the local team.  All patient data uploaded to REDCap is anonymous.


Presentation of data:

All local teams will be supplied with local data and anonymised national data, and there is an expectation that the results will be presented locally at all sites

Data will also be presented at conferences, and we anticipate publication in peer-reviewed journals


Study timeline:

Registration of sites - open from December 2020

Data entry - as soon as local audit registration achieved. 

Study closure - June 2021

Data analysis - Summer 2021

Presentation of data - Autumn/Winter 2021


You must confirm on the registration form when audit registration has been completed: