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Pancreatitis Patient Information 

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Guts UK Charity (Formally known as Core)

Guts UK’s vision is of a world where digestive diseases are better understood, better treated and everyone who lives with one gets the support they need. Guts UK provides expert information, raises awareness of digestive health and funds vital research into conditions of the gut, liver and pancreas.

Pancreatitis is an under-researched area and Guts UK has aimed to steer funds and awareness to this conditions for years. We set up a research Fellowship in 1981 in memory of Amelie Waring, who died of pancreatitis following blunt trauma to her pancreas in a car accident. The Fellowship supports promising researchers for three years to work on pancreatitis or other aspects of pancreas disease or injury. Some of the top clinical academics in the UK working in pancreatitis today have been recipients of the Guts UK Amelie Waring Fellowship. Guts UK are keen to continue supporting doctors and researchers working on pancreatitis but we need your help to make pancreatitis better understood, better diagnosed and better treated. 

Guts UK runs a ‘Kranky Panky’ campaign to raise awareness of the huge impact that pancreatitis can have on patients and their loved ones. During the Guts UK Pancreatitis Awareness Campaign patients and their families shared online personal stories about the disease. In addition to raising awareness Guts UK were keen to develop resources that could inform and support patients and their families. The Guts UK website has medical information on pancreatitis (acute and chronic) as well as a collection of ‘Tips and suggestions to help manage chronic pancreatitis’ put together by patients with chronic pancreatitis to help others manage this challenging disease. 

What are Guts UK aims and hopes for pancreatitis? 

The research funded by Guts UK through its Amelie Waring Fellowship has addressed some key questions in pancreatitis. Many of these projects sought to understand how the disease progresses at a cellular and molecular level, to help identify possible targets for new drugs and treatments. Progress has been made on the back of these and other research, both at the UK and internationally but much still needs to be done and we need your support.  

Through its campaign Guts UK has sought to increase awareness and understanding of pancreatitis, a disease that many people have never heard of and fewer still realise how dangerous it can be. We seek to establish collaborations, both in the UK and abroad, that allows us to optimise research efforts, improve access to information, and identify and share best care of patients with pancreatitis. To achieve this we team with patients and organisations who lend us their voice and expertise. Examples of the latter are our ongoing collaboration with the patients who contributed to the development of the NICE guidelines, as well as our partnership with organisations such as Pancreas North, a group that supports pancreatitis patients and aims to improve how the disease is understood and managed. 

Visit to find out about the work Guts UK and others are doing to support pancreatitis and how you can get involved.