My Pancreas App

My Pancreas is an educational guide for patients facing a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and also acts as information guide for their family members, carers and friends. This app has been designed to guide a patient through their journey from initial referral to treatment, how to manage symptoms and where to find further information and support.

The app has five main sections 

My Pancreas
A section which introduces the pancreas, what the organ does and its location within the body including details on what can go wrong.

My Tests
Information on procedures expected to occur during the diagnosis procedure.

My Treatment
Information on the types of treatments patients will potentially undergo i.e. chemotherapy, surgery.

Help & Information
A patient support section that includes the latest up to date information on patient care services. This includes telephone details, websites and drop in centres for patients. A link to Pancreatic Cancer U.K. help and information forum and finally, financial information relating to grants and government support.

My Notes
The last section includes an area where you are able to write and save any important information you may wish to ask at your next GP or hospital appointment. Or for ease, a list of prewritten questions that can easily be selected and saved ready to ask the specialist at your consultations can also be used.

My Pancreas aims to empower patients by giving them the information they need.

You can downoad the app for iPhone by going to the App store or Android by visiting the Play Store see here MY PANCREAS