The Pancreatic Cancer Series Webinar

Welcome to the first Pancreatic Cancer Webinar Series (PCWS) Organised by Mylan, in collaboration with the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (PSGBI).


Improving outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer (PC) is desperately needed, with patients diagnosed in the UK still having a poor prognosis. Currently the average life expectancy for a patient with PC is between 4 to 6 months and only 3% of patients survive beyond 5 years1. This 5-part Pancreatic Cancer Webinar Series (PCWS) will focus on bridging the gap between the variation in care between secondary and tertiary sites, novel treatment strategies, chemotherapeutic agents and the fundamental importance of nutritional failure associated with pancreatic cancer.

The webinar series will provide an overview of the current best practice and is aimed at those clinicians and allied health professionals who treat patients with pancreatic cancer in primary, secondary and tertiary care.

1 National Institute for health and care excellence (NICE). UK Guidelines NG85.
Pancreatic Cancer in adults: diagnosis and management. Feb 2018.

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This is a Mylan promotional webinar series; Products and brands may be mentioned. These webinars have been funded, initiated and reviewed by Mylan.