Jaundiced patients with suspected pancreatic cancer

Dear Member,

We are working to understand barriers and experience of pathways to surgery for jaundiced patients with suspected pancreatic cancer.

If you treat/manage these patients within your local MDT we would be very grateful if you would complete a  short questionnaire, links to which you will find at the end of this page. There are two questionnaires so please pick the one relevant to you or your team  – secondary care refers to sites with a non-specialist pancreatic MDT and tertiary to sites with a specialist pancreatic MDT.

If you can’t access the google form (some Trusts block these) the questionnaire's  are available to download within the page please complete these off line and and return them to MAP618@student.bham.ac.uk.

The patient perspective is also being sought as a wider part of this work.

Please forward this link to your MDT coordinator and ask that they send it on to your wider MDT.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

Mary Pustula, undergraduate, University of Birmingham and Keith Roberts, consultant surgeon, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust

If you are a member of the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland you can access the forms by following this link.