The PSGBI is supporting national and international studies of the impact of COVID upon patients with pancreatic disease. There are several registries and studies. The PSGBI committee support the following studies and urge its members to contribute to these important bodies of work.




About CovidSurg

There is an urgent need to understand the outcomes of COVID-19 infected patients who undergo surgery.

Capturing real-world data and sharing international experience will inform the management of this complex group of patients who undergo surgery throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, improving their clinical care.

CovidSurg has been designed by an international collaborating group of surgeons and anaesthetists which has now reached 77 countries.

We would be delighted to have you and your team involved and collaborating.

Please access CovidSurg via the links below.


COVIDSurg – international registry of patients to determine outcome of COVID infection among patients undergoing surgery during the COVID pandemic

COVIDSurg-Cancer – international registry of patients with potentially resectable cancer diagnosed during the COVID pandemic to determine outcomes

RCS Pancreatic Cancer COVID Survey – evaluation of capacity of health care organisations to offer diagnostic, staging and treatment for pancreatic cancer during the COVID pandemic by use of two weekly assessment