Pancreatic Cancer Webinar Series

9th Dec 2020

Improving outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer is desperately needed. Novel treatment strategies, chemotherapeutic agents and an understanding of the fundamental importance of nutritional failure associated with pancreatic cancer, provides the framework for a multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to improving care. Furthermore, the UK is home to some of the world’s leading pancreatic cancer research experts.

However, there is uncertainty and variation in treatment pathways and not every patient or hospital team may feel the benefit of these improvements. In 2018, the RICOCHET national prospective audit of pancreatic cancer was conducted to determine variation in treatment.

This series of webinars will provide an overview of best practice, and debate where this is unclear, aimed at those clinicians and allied health professionals who treat patients with pancreatic cancer in primary, secondary and tertiary care. Some webinars will coincide with publication of data from the RICOCHET audit to highlight and thank those teams who contributed to this essential body of work.

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