ACCEA 2017 Round

20th Mar 2017

Dear Member,


Please accept my apologies for the blanket e-mail and disregard it if you are not a consultant wishing to apply for a Clinical Excellence Award in England and Wales in the 2016 round.

Again the ACCEA has imposed an incredibly tight time scale this year so you need to take action now if you are planning to apply in 2016 and wish to seek PSGBI support for your application.


            The 2017 Award Round will closes at 5pm on Tuesday 25th April 2017.


            Forms and guidance  are available on the ACCEA website


The PSGBI, as a specialist society, is a recognised nominating body for national awards in the 2017 round and recommendations made by our Society will be considered as official nominations.

There is no fixed time limit that determines whether a consultant should be considered for a Bronze award. However, it takes time to accumulate the ‘over and above’ achievements necessary to succeed competitively, and in practice, consultants who successfully apply for a national award will normally have at least a level 5 CEA and will have been in post for about 10 years (or more). Nevertheless, exceptions do occur.

The ACCEA Guidance states very clearly that to be considered for an award you will have to demonstrate achievements in developing and delivering high quality patient care, and commitment to the continuous improvement of the NHS.

There are supplementary forms available for (1) management/leadership, (2) research and innovation and (3) teaching/training. Bronze or silver candidates may choose to submit only ONE supplementary form; gold candidates can submit TWO supplementary forms.

Word versions of the 2017 application forms will be available to download from the ACCEA website shortly.  Please enter your application in WORD format on a 2017 application form, with supplementary forms, if appropriate, as above. Do not submit a supplementary form unless you have made an outstanding contribution in that particular area. Repetition does not enhance your chance of success.

Please follow the ACCEA guidelines and write your application very carefully. Do not use acronyms, and remember that your application must be comprehensible to a lay person.


If you would like to be considered for the PSGBI  list of nominations, please return a fully completed 2015 application form:


  1. By 0900 on Monday 3rd April 2017


  1. In  a WORD document



  1. To In the subject line please state PSGBI ACCEA application 2017


4.   Ensure that you are a member, if in doubt contact myself or Colin McKay (

The employer's reference does not have to be completed in the PSGBI submission.

The applications will be copied to all members of the PSGI ACCEA  committee, who will be asked to score the applications on a scoring sheet recommended by ACCEA.

The PSGBI will consider applications from Consultants employed in NHS organisations in England and Wales. Scotland has its own system. Wales is not linked to the online ACCEA system but if Welsh candidates are nominated, their names will be detailed in the overall ranking list and sent by email to the Welsh ACCEA Secretariat.

Please note, that as well as your application for PSGBI  support, you MUST submit your electronic, on-line application to ACCEA by 1700 on Tuesday 25th April 2017. By then, you must also have received your NHS employer’s reference, so you are advised to note your local Trust’s timetable and to complete the application in a timely manner.

I am happy to try and answer any questions you might have about this process, which we have tried to make as fair and transparent as possible in accordance with the guidance from ACCEA.


Kind regards

Andy Smith



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