Pancreatic Cancer UK

PCUK have a number of grants available for pncreatic research.

Research Innovation Fund

The Fund is intended to spur creative and cutting edge ideas and approaches in pancreatic cancer, including repurposing those successful in other areas of cancer that have justifiable promise for pancreatic cancer.

This investment forms part of our "Smart Research" Strategy which focuses on making the most impact on saving lives, with limited resources, and also our commitment  to fund research that is truly innovative and of the highest quality.


PCUK Grand Challenge Award

Under the Pancreatic Cancer UK Grand Challenge Award scheme, £1,000,000 will be available for a single project to tackle one or more of the major barriers or issues in pancreatic cancer, which when resolved would make a significant impact on the lives of those affected.

Applications can address any priority area in pancreatic cancer research, but should include a clear vision of the programme of work, the issue to be addressed and the pathway to major impact and benefit for people affected by the disease.

Applications will be led by one outstanding lead applicant, with a supporting team with a strong track record in pancreatic cancer research. The team should be based within the UK, with wider international collaborations where appropriate

Clinical Pioneer Awards

The Clinical Pioneer Awards scheme is a new way of funding for Pancreatic Cancer UK. The scheme was set up because the Charity wanted to have the flexibility to support research into issues and priority areas that affect patients and carers currently living with pancreatic cancer as well as research into practical interventions to tackle earlier diagnosis.

The Clinical Pioneers Award Scheme is an opportunity for clinicians and non-clinicians (for example qualitative research academics or technology developers) who have innovative project ideas that are focused on interventions within the clinical or community setting to improve diagnosis, treatment and care, quality of life or experience for pancreatic cancer patients or carers to receive funding. It responds to the fact that these types of projects might find it difficult to receive funding through existing funding streams. It is hoped some of these interventions will also have an impact on patient outcomes.

Under the scheme this year, funding will be awarded to projects that address one of five key priority areas, as identified and ranked by a group of Pancreatic Cancer UK’s key stakeholders. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate how their application targets one of these areas: